About Me
Hello, my name is Valorie and I have also gone by the online monikers Morbid Romantic and Madame Guillotine.

I used to own a lot of fansites: morbid-romantic.net, baptism-of-blood.net, yuki-eiri.com, marius-deromanus.net, sakurazuka-mori.net, wristcutshow.net... the list goes on and on. But, life got in the way and these sites fell by the wayside. I had to give them up.

I decided to come back after I finished graduate school (Master's in History), got my career on track (as a social studies teacher), and had my daughter.

Like I said, I am a teacher. I taught University and Community College history, doing basic "100 level" classes in US and European history. When I had my daughter, I decided I needed something a bit more reliable, so I switched to public school. I currently teach middle school Social Studies.

I'm happily engaged.

I spend too much time reading comic books.

I have also spent too much money on tattoos.

My interests are many:
The Vampire Chronicles
Fallout video game series
Bioshock video game series
Horror movies
Freddy Krueger and the A Nightmare on Elm Street series
Horror comics
The Walking Dead
Depeche Mode
Book reviewing
Ancient Rome
Collecting horror movie memorabilia
Horror Conventions

My Tattoos
Horror Memorabilia & Collectables
Meeting Cool People


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